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35 Tips for an Amazing Thursday (and Life…)

It’s Thursday or as I like to refer to it, Friday Eve! So, let’s begin getting into the “almost Friday” mode and focus on creating an exceptional day/week/month and therefore, life!

Our lives go by so quickly. But, what if, instead of settling for the status quo, we decide to live amazing lives? Here are 35 tips to challenge you to live an amazing life – starting today, Thursday! By the way, don’t try to implement them all at once or you’ll be overwhelmed! But be sure to start!

35 Tips for an Amazing Thursday (and Life)

1. Exercise daily (click here and join my next Challenge Group!).
2. Get serious about gratitude.
3. Expect the best and prepare for the worst.
4. Keep a journal.
5. Plan a weekly schedule.
6. Know your top 5 priorities in life.
7. Drink a lot of water.
8. Find a mentor.
9. Get a free Coach (ME!).
10. Get up early every day.
11. Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed.
12. Be a hero to someone.
13. Always smile at strangers.
14. Don’t settle.
15. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures.
16. Send thank-you notes.
17. Forgive those who’ve wronged you.
18. Create unforgettable moments with those you love.
19. Keep 5 great friends.
20. Always be polite.
21. Read daily.
22. Be happy with what you have.
23. Pursue your dreams.
24. Be genuine and passionate.
25. Say you’re sorry when you’ve been wrong.
26. Celebrate others.
27. Have a vision for your life.
28. Know your strengths.
29. Never give up.
30. Travel more.
31. Respect your parents.
32. Tip well.
33. Be a loyal team player.
34. Speak less and listen more.
35. Make your life matter.