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80-Days Are Done! And the Results Are In!

💥💥💥 My Transformation Results!💥💥💥

The results are in, after 80 days of hard work, timed-nutrition and commitment:


 Lost 9 pounds
 Lost 7 inches (1 1/2 off my waist and 1 1/2 off my hips!)
 I learned I am a lot stronger thank I think and I can do hard things
 I am proud of my friends, fellows coaches and challengers who committed to this journey and we all did this together! So much easier when you do hard things with friends! ☺️

I had never challenged myself in such a way! Giving up my daily glass of wine was one of the hardest things I’d done in a while. But I learned that I can do it, and other hard things, if I set my mind to it. Are you ready to do some hard things? Trust me, the results, both physical but most importantly, emotionally, will be worth it!