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Grilling Ideas for the Fall and Beyond

We’re pretty lucky in South Florida because we can grill almost year-round. What’s more, during hurricane season, the grill can be a life saver! However, as the weather gets chillier up North and in the Midwest, it gets more and more challenging to grill outside so now is the time to take advantage while you can. There’s nothing like spending time outdoors with family and friends, sitting at a picnic table and making memories. And let’s be honest, the food you make on the grill is some of the most delicious food you can make!

BBQ food is good and fun to make.

With that in mind, here is a variety of healthy recipes for you to make now and anytime in the future. Best of all, even when if the weather outside is frightful, due to rain or snow, they can also be made in the house.

Some Great Grilling Ideas

This set of recipes includes some meat dishes, a veggie side, a veggie meal, and a great unexpected dessert treat idea for your family. Who knows, these ideas may even spark curiosity and inspire you to experiment with other ideas on the grill.


Pork Chops

Grill up some pork chops with an unusual, but delicious salsa.


If you have been looking for a good salmon recipe, this could be the one.


How about a great recipe that brings in the sweet taste of apples and that will you get many compliments?


Here’s a delicious recipe to share with your family, especially if they are meat-lovers, like mine!


Grilled corn is a favorite side, and this version is out of this world.

Grill up your veggies and use them as side dishes with the meat recipes.

An Unexpected Surprise Idea

Watermelon roasted on the grill? You bet! Or try pineapple or another fruit. Who knows, you might discover your family’s favorite new dessert!

This list makes a good start of healthy grill recipes for you. Try them while the weather is still cooperating and let me know how it goes!