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Healthy Heart Foods

Is there a way to eat healthy for your heart?
Did you know that there are foods that can help keep your heart healthy? You may already be eating them, but now you’ll know how they can benefit both your body and your heart.

Do’s and Don’t
One thing you have to do is eliminate trans-fats and saturated fats from your diet. It’s time to start reading those labels! Sadly, manufacturers will try to trick you. Trans-fat is in many processed foods like margarine, shortening, and others. Saturated fats are in full-fat dairy foods and red meats.

But you should be sure to include two healthy oils: poly-unsaturated fatty acids and mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Poly-unsaturated fatty acids are found in foods like oily fish and walnuts, flax seed, omega-3 fortified eggs, and small leafy greens. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids are found in olive oil and canola oil and avocados.

  • Eat fresh whole foods instead of processed foods.
  • Reduce the amount of salt you take in. Keep track of your sodium intake.
  • Get some movement in your day. Fitness is good (and necessary) for your heart and lungs as well as your whole body. Need an idea? Click here.

10 Healthy Heart Foods
Here’s a list of heart-healthy foods you WILL want to keep on hand.

Walnuts – Helps cholesterol, blood pressure & inflammation.
Spinach – Helps brain function & improves blood pressure.
Salmon – Omega-3 in salmon helps prevent heart disease.
Kidney Beans – High in fiber & lowers cholesterol.
Oatmeal – Lowers the rise in blood sugar after meals.
Blueberries – Antioxidants/fiber helps prevent heart disease.
Broccoli – Can help lower cholesterol & help to facilitate digestion.
Carrots – Improves vision & helps prevent heart disease.
Tuna – Aids in the prevention of irregular heart rhythms.
Flaxseed – Prevents hardening of the arteries.

Feed your heart the food it really needs.