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Smart Budgeting this Holiday Season

For many of us, the whole holiday season can be an emotional and stressful time and our budgets can be a bit (or a lot) tighter than usual.

Holiday travel, holiday meals, presents for friends and family, it all adds up. Let’s stop the stress this year! Here are some tips that can help save money and give your budget new freedom this holiday season.

Make a List of Expenses

Start off by making a list of all of your expected holiday expenses: gifts, cards, wrapping paper, travel expenses, gift exchanges, and don’t forget the charitable donations. Often times we only think about the gifts and forget about these incidentals.

Set a Spending Limit

Determine how much you have available to cover Christmas expenses this year. Don’t plan to spend more than you have saved thinking you’ll pay it off later.

Make a Shopping List

Make a list for your holiday shopping. If you plan ahead you can take advantage of major sales and you may be able to find some great gifts for less money than you budgeted for.

Track Your Purchases

Keep track of ALL your purchases. As you begin to purchase gifts, be sure to subtract the amount from your running Christmas budget total. This will let you know how well you are sticking to your budget. Tracking your spending is the key to sticking to your budget.


  1. Shopping online can save you money and time as you comparison shop.
  2. Always add a few extra gifts to your shopping list, in case you receive a surprise gift or forget to buy for someone.
  3. Earn extra money to cover your holiday expenses by taking on a side job (how about looking into the Coaching opportunity and joining me! Get healthy and make some extra $$$!)
  4. Set money aside money each month to cover your future Christmas expenses (consult the previous year’s budget to see how much you spent, then divide that number by 12. That’s how much you should put aside each month to cover the next year’s holiday spending).

And Finally…

Want to save some money not just during the holidays, but year-round? Ditch the gym membership… and join Beachbody on Demand!

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And Even Better…

Each program has a nutrition/meal plan for you to follow that includes recipes and meal ideas, and planning your meals ahead of time can help to keep you on track with your goals, it’s also cost-effective and allows you to be more efficient with your time.

This holiday season, try to think ahead about what you are going to put in your body and reap the rewards both financially and nutritionally.