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Super Bowl Sunday: Cheat Day?

Super Bowl Sunday!  A day to pig out on unhealthy snacks and tons of fried food, right? But it doesn’t all have to be that way. We’ve been trying to eat healthy since January 1st and tell ourselves it’s just one day that we’re going to get off track, but why not try to not only enjoy the Super Bowl but also not go overboard? If you are hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday or attending one with a group of friends, try making or bringing some of these healthy options. That way, while you cheer for your pick to win, you can do something good for your health and fitness routine as well.

7 Layer Dip

This delicious and lighter version of a seven-layer dip is heavy on fresh veggies and uses nonfat refried beans and low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream. As a lifelong lover of seven-layer dip, I can attest to its tastiness. But next time I make it I’ll buy spicier beans and add chopped jalapeño, because that’s how we roll here.

Hummus with Veggies

Instead of the typical fat loaded dips this year, try a hummus dip with sliced veggies. There are multiple hummus recipes or products that will be perfect for clean eaters and those of us wanting to get more out of our snacks. By replacing the chips most of us normally devour with vegetables, we can snack guilt-free, still have the crunch, and feel better throughout the long night of football. Want something a little different? Try a black-bean hummus!

Healthy Nut Mix

Creating or finding a mixture of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, and pistachios provides a protein-rich healthy snack option. True, we need to make sure we don’t go completely overboard, but regardless, a good mixture of nuts is a much smarter option than most gameday foods.


As it gets later in the evening and closer to game time, we need something with a little more sustenance. How about turkey and lettuce wraps? Ground turkey with lots of chopped fresh veggies makes a light and delicious filling for these lettuce cups, and better yet, they taste great hot or cold. Or try these crunchy veggie wraps, an easy way of squeezing in some extra greens. Just have all your fillings laid out so that everyone can prepare their own unique wraps.

Steak or Chicken Kabobs

Kickoff is minutes away and it’s time to enjoy some delicious protein! Steak and chicken kabobs are a great food choice for those of us looking to stay smart with our Super Bowl menu. Once again, controlling portion size and with the flexibility to create each kabob for each guest’s personal preference of accompanying vegetables, kabobs will be a touchdown! You can even add tofu for your vegetarian guests!

By staying on track with our nutritional goals as much as possible during Super Bowl Sunday, our workout on Monday will be much more successful! In fact, make it a point to get a good workout the morning of the Super Bowl. Oh, and these aren’t just for Super Bowl Sunday, use these recipes anytime you are hosting an event and want to provide some healthier options!