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Ready for Short Sleeves?

It’s summertime and warmer weather means short sleeves, tank tops, and swimsuits that show off our arms and shoulders. How would you like to have summer ready arms that can... Continue Reading

No Equipment Full-Body Workout

There is a certain sense of accomplishment when you complete a 30-day or 60-day exercise program. It means that you committed to something and completed it, sometimes, against all odds!... Continue Reading

Want to Work Your Core? Plank It!

Want to work your core? Well, planking is a great way to get some exercise that not only works your core, it benefits the entire body.  How? Well, think about it,... Continue Reading

Younger Next Year…Thinner Next Year (Part 15)

Chapter 15 The real name of this chapter of Younger Next Year is actually The Biology of Nutrition: Thinner Next Year, but I knew you’d be curious if I only... Continue Reading

Younger Next Year…Don’t You Lose a Goddamn Pound (Part 14)

Chapter 14 And we’re back to health and fitness! As you might imagine, these next several chapters of Younger Next Year for Women will be addressing the subject of nutrition,... Continue Reading

Younger Next Year…The Biology of Strength Training (Part 11)

Chapter 11 As you might imagine, this chapter of Younger Next Year is written by Dr. Henry Lodge. It is about the biology of strength training after all! And, as... Continue Reading

Younger Next Year…A World of Pain: Strength Training (Part 10)

Chapter 10 Younger Next Year Co-Author Chris Crowley does NOT seem to enjoy strength training at all (but he does it, consistently!) Ironically, I love it! I like to challenge... Continue Reading