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Home Improvements For Better Fitness

While many of us sign up for new gym memberships in the new year, it’s not a bad idea to have a good set-up so you can exercise from the... Continue Reading

Younger Next Year…The Limbic Brain and the Biology of Emotion

So, after a brief hiatus, it’s time to go back and finish the last few chapters of Younger Next Year for Women! Chapter 19 Now there’s a mouthful for you!... Continue Reading

Younger Next Year: The Kedging Trick (Part 9)

Chapter 9 I know what you are wondering. What in the world does “kedging” mean? Well as Chris Crowley truthfully points out, we don’t always want to workout. And sometimes,... Continue Reading

Younger Next Year: Life Is An Endurance Event (Part 6)

Chapter Six In this Chapter, we are introduced to Harry’s Second Rule: Do serious aerobic exercise four days a week for the rest of your life. You still need to... Continue Reading

Now That Summer is Ending, What Do We Do?

With school starting back, summer is officially winding down, and while for many of us that means schedules become fuller and hectic, it can also leave us asking, “what do... Continue Reading

Younger Next Year for Women – A Book Review – Part 1

As a Group Fitness Instructor, I’m always trying to stay current on what the latest news and trends in health and fitness, but sometimes, it’s my students who give me... Continue Reading

Hot Summer Workouts

With the warmer temperatures in the summer, many people like to take their fitness routines outside.  But summer also means heat, and there are some tips that you can use... Continue Reading

Countdown to Nationals…Recap – 4

Day 4 of our trip to Nationals but Day 3 of Competition… Saturday, July 15 On the schedule for Saturday were the small groups. The studio’s Minis had a small... Continue Reading

Countdown to Nationals…Recap – 3

Then it was Day 3 of our trip to Nationals. Friday, July 14 This was a special day for me; it was my father’s birthday. I stressed to their girls... Continue Reading